Who we are

Pentru Tine it is more than founders, team, partners, projects, beneficiaries. It is a state of mind, a platform of opportunities, an environment of growth and development!

Our story

Founded in 2009 in Botoșani, in a complicated context of the financial crisis, when everything seemed gray, a small group of people began an adventurous journey in the service of those in need.

Our vision

Motivated by the Christian faith, by God's promises to care for those in poor families. Step by step we grew, we were joined by partnerships, we developed several projects, we expanded geographically.

We want to create and multiply development contexts for people and institutions in Romania.

We support socially, financially and spiritually people, families and institutions in difficulty, having as a reason the unconditional love of God.

Our Team

We have an experienced team with varied educational training: social work, economics, psychology, theology. Together with local and international partners we carry out social-educational projects addressed to all age groups.

We believe that God has called us to represent Him in everything we do, and we know that by working with integrity and passion, we will have the resources we need.