4. Republic of Moldova Partnership

It all started with a visit to the Republic of Moldova in 2017, when I responded to the invitation of a family of Romanians returning from Italy with the purpose to help improving the situation in Moldova. We had a first experience there that marked us: drugs, abandoned children, human trafficking, poverty. They all form a broken society, and we felt like we had to take some initiative. During these visits, there were also people from the Netherlands. They want to get involved in this project with us.
Our local partners are mainly from Soroca and the surrounding area. Soroca is a municipality in the northeast of the Republic of Moldova, located on the right bank of the Nistru River, 160 km away from the city capital of Moldova – Chisinau, on the border with Ukraine. The standard of living of Moldovans is much lower than in Romania, corruption and the communist heritage being the factors of impoverishment of the population. With the help of partners and sponsors, we support poor families and various educational projects for children on a monthly basis. A beautiful collaboration has developed within the Roma community in Soroca, people with a special history in those lands. We are also active in rural areas, where the needs are so great, and some of the stories are sad or even shocking. We believe that the greatest problem of man, throughout history, is the broken relationship with God, so we support local churches interested in people's souls more than their resources. We can always tell you stories about changed people once the change came from their heart!

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