5. Local Development Trusesti

The activity in Trușești started in 2016, after the Association helped some poor families in the area. We met some special people there and we enjoyed working with them. So we decided to continue the activity in the area and start a new project. We started a beautiful collaboration with Impact Trușești, who owns a bakery.  
Supported by the local authorities and the Dorcas Foundation, we are implementing a complex local development project that addresses all age groups. In the spaces provided by the town hall, we carry out various activities, based on a plan made by stakeholders. Some projects are: School after School Program, Support for Underprivileged People, Training for Young Entrepreneurs, Social Store, Local Products Basket. We plan to be involved long-term in this community. We encourage community members to be constantly and strategically involved in the development of Trușești commune. We believe that external resources must work together with local resources for healthy and sustainable development. 30 years have passed from the fall of communism, and we believe that we are in a context in which civil society can play a key role in the community. Encouraging local entrepreneurship, local initiative and civic spirit, we will have a society more open to the needs of Trușești commune and more materially prepared to address them.

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