7. Help for Ukraine

On February 27, two days after the outbreak of war, we turned the association's headquarters into a transit center for war refugees in Ukraine. In the first 2 months we helped over 2000 people with accommodation, food, hygiene products, clothes and even financial support. In addition, we sent hundreds of kilograms of food, medicine and basic goods to Ukraine. 
With the help of our volunteers and donors, we initially turned 5 of our rooms into refugee accommodation. Some of the refugees come with their own cars. Others are brought in by border authorities. We manage to bring some of them with the help of volunteers. Either way, they are received by our volunteers and employees. We offer them shelter, food, personal hygiene products, but also information and financial or moral support. <br> Although the number of refugees has now dropped significantly, there are still people coming to the transit centre, and their problems and needs are much more complicated than those of the people who arrived the first few weeks. In addition, we have focused heavily on humanitarian transport to Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. We send food, goods and medicines directly or with the help of our partners. We even managed to buy 6,000 loaves of bread that were distributed to civilians, and some of the food went to Ukrainian soldiers. 

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