6. Educational Projects

After several years of working with children in the "After School" project, we realized that we need to do more. We need to reach out to their parents and try to change the environment they come from. The educational project includes all age groups, from disadvantaged backgrounds. In addition to this project, we wanted to reach out to rural schools to help improve the way children perceive education, reading and learning.
The Esther Project - How to Be the Queen of Your Home.   Inspired by a fascinating Jewish story, the project is created for women from underprivileged backgrounds. In 6 meetings over the course of 6 months, we aim to address topics such as body hygiene, home hygiene, healthy eating, money management, etc. Meetings begin with a recap of the previous topic and a transition to the new topic. Participants are free to always ask questions and even open discussion topics related to the main subject. Through the exchange of experience between them, and together with the trainers, valuable ideas are always reached, and can be put into practice as soon as the meeting ends. At the end of the program, participants receive a bag of products that remind them of the topic of the month. Examples: cleaning products, beauty products, clothes, special cooking ingredients, etc. The testimonials of those who completed the course are incredible. There’s always a special, lasting bond between the participants to the course, and between participants and their trainers.   Dorcas courses  Together with our partner Dorcas we organized courses and trainings in Botoșani and Trușești commune in the field of fundraising and community development. We believe in community development through the community's internal resources, both human and financial. Sometimes a little preparation and motivation can trigger an irreversible process of growth and development in Romanian communes. The Trușești City Hall and the Impact Trușești association have now joined forces with us and Dorca in such a transformational process.   The most wonderful trip  A course for children, belonging to the international program Operation Christmas Child, is always present in our activities with local partners, especially churches. Hundreds of children from our county have the opportunity to meet within the communities they belong to, and go on a journey with enormous potential. Through games, various activities, lessons, the instructors present to the participants the Bible values ​​applicable nowadays. Parents and even children testify about the change that occurs as a result of awareness and living by these values! Together with our partners, we support on request the costs that these activities involve: transport, heating, sweets, and other consumables. We are also happy to bring a splash of color in the villages where, unfortunately, nothing interesting happens for the children of the community.

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