3. Assisting poor families

The story of the project begins in 2009, a global financial crisis year that had not bypassed the city of Botosani. A gray city, sad people and few opportunities. Returning from college that year, Sebastian Mariniuc, the president of the association, began to help several families in crisis. 
Sometimes just one step can take you away from the security of tomorrow. Some of us never experience financial security. When life is complicated, when everything seems to fall apart and you have no one to help you, good news can make all the difference! But it takes more than that! We believe that if there is a good collaboration between us and those in need, we can find solutions to overcome any family, economic or other problem.  We do this for over 60 families from Botosani and the Republic of Moldova: we offer them a monthly allowance for a period of 3 years. This aid may consist of food, clothing, household appliances or other goods. We also tell them that God has not forgotten them, that things can change in their lives. We start by getting to know them personally, developing a work plan and constantly monitoring the situation.  Stichting Draagt ​​Elkanders Lasten is the main partner in this project. 

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