1. Afterschool

Botoșani, 2011: "I can't do more for them." This is what a social worker told us, talking about the children of poor families in the city of Botosani. ”No table, no chair. How should these children do their homework for school? Who can help them if many parents can't read?” That's how we met dozens of children from the city of Botosani and that's how we saw the need for a project. From dream to reality, it took a few steps: some kind volunteers, the family minibus, a cheap rented space, some promises and that's how the story began: the story of the Christian Association Pentru Tine and the association's first project, the after school center.
Every day, after the end of the school program, with the help of the association's minibus, we bring to the day center 15 children aged between 8-15 years old, coming from underprivileged families living in the city of Botosani. The children start their program with a short stop to wash their hands and then they enjoy a hot meal prepared in our kitchen. Every week all kinds of educational activities are organized: arts & crafts, drawing, games, contests, etc. The second half of the program is for homework, for which they need our help. Unfortunately, the Romanian education system is failing to help children coming from underprivileged backgrounds. But we are there to give them a chance.  Thanks to all those who have been with us over the years and helped us to develop this long process of educating children!

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